What you're going to make during this course

I love to travel and I always end up with hundreds of photos on my phone. Four years ago I started to embroider cities and now I have a collection of 132 embroidered city! 

I've made the course "How to draw and embroider your city" to share how you can embroider your travels. 

In the first part of the course you will draw buildings from Prague and London. Then you'll arrange them into collages and create sketches for transfer. Next you'll learn what warp and weft means. You'll make transfer of your sketches and sampler for textures that I've made for you.

In this part you'll also learn embroidery basics: how to use hoop, how to thread a needle, how to make knots or secure thread.

The second part is about learning new stitches and textures. I'll show how to fill buildings with color, how to embroider roof tiles, grass, tree crowns, bricks, sky, water and reflection on the water. And you'll embroider a sampler

In the third part you'll learn few techniques for color choice. Then I'll share how to decide what texture of direction of stitches you should use. Next you'll embroider Prague and London and learn how to finish hoops.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Draw London and Prague
    • Intro to the course and supplies
    • My drawing supplies
    • Photo references
    • Drawing Prague. Part 1
    • Drawing Prague. Part 2
    • Making collage and Prague sketch
    • Drawing London. Part 1
    • Drawing London. Part 2
    • Making collage and London sketch
    • How I draw on iPad: overview of the Procreate app
    • Strange words: Warp and weft
    • Patterns: Sampler, Prague and London
    • Fabric in the hoop and transfer
    • Basics: threading needle, knots. What's first: outline or filling?
  • 2
    Embroider sampler with textures
    • Transfer to texture sampler and back stitch
    • Satin stitch, split stitch and couching stitch
    • How to embroider roof tiles
    • How to embroider grass
    • How to embroider tree crown
    • How to embroider bricks
    • How to embroider reflection
    • How to embroider water and sky
    • How to add details in the end
  • 3
    Final projects: Embroider London and Prague
    • London and Prague - back stitch. Embroidery near the hoop
    • How to choose colors. Color theory
    • Color theory quiz
    • Color choice for Prague and London
    • How to choose texture or direction of stitches
    • London embroidery. Part 1
    • London embroidery. Part 2
    • London embroidery. Part 3
    • London embroidery. Part 4
    • London embroidery. Part 5
    • London embroidery. Part 6
    • London embroidery. Part 7
    • London embroidery. Part 8
    • London embroidery. Part 9
    • London embroidery. Part 10
    • London embroidery. Part 11
    • Prague embroidery. Part 1
    • Prague embroidery. Part 2
    • Prague embroidery. Part 3
    • Prague embroidery. Part 4
    • Prague embroidery. Part 5
    • Prague embroidery. Part 6
    • Prague embroidery. Part 7
    • Prague embroidery. Part 8
    • Prague embroidery. Part 9
    • Prague embroidery. Part 10
    • Prague embroidery. Part 11
    • Prague embroidery. Part 12
    • How to finish hoops
    • Summary

What do you get

  • Unlimited access

    Once you enrolled - learn and practice at your own pace

  • Online training

    Practice 20 minutes everyday or hours - it's up to you. Videos are always available

  • Support and help

    I'm always around to answer your questions during the course

  • Downloadable instructions

    You can download shopping list, texture sampler with all stitches shown on diagrams, London and Prague patterns and photo references

  • Close-up videos

    You won't miss the important details. You can pause the video, rewatch it, or make the playback speed faster or slower. All video have voiceover and subtitles in English

The course is beginner friendly

The whole process of creating architectural city embroidery is shown step-by-step on videos

One of the myths associated with creativity and stopping many from learning is the need to have talent. You do not need talent to learn new skills. Embroidery is a skill. Just like being able to tie your shoelaces or read. And I can teach you that. So no embroidery or drawing skills needed. If you can hold the needle and draw square or circle - you can do anything!
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How to embroider roof tiles

Supplies for the course


  • Kseniia Guseva

    Senior and only instructor

    Kseniia Guseva

    Let's get to know each other. My name is Kseniia. I'm the person behind faimyxstitch.com and @faimyxstitch instagram account. I love the idea, that I can create something from scratch and teach how to make it. I embroider every day since 2016 and have a lot of stitches, techniques and tips to share. No matter where I live I can communicate with people all over the world and help them to learn embroidery. Some of my embroideries:

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  • I have never embroidered before - is your course advanced?

    This course is perfect for beginners. It'll guide you through the whole process, you don't need any embroidery experience to enrol

  • Is it hard to embroider?

    One of my goals is to show that you only need desire and patience to embroider. Practice and you'll be able to embroider anything

  • What will I learn on the course?

    You'll learn how to draw buildings and landmarks, create sketch for London and Prague embroideries. You'll learn how to place fabric in a hoop, separate strands, thread a needle, start and finish stitches, transfer design - all embroidery basics covered. I'll show you stitches and textures that you need for city embroideries. In the end you'll embroider sampler with textures and two cities: London and Prague