Learn hand embroidery

If you love to work with your hands or wanted to learn embroidery - this is a right course for you. Starting from basics and to the improvisation on the fabric. Course consists of three parts and introduction. In the process you'll learn 40 stitches, create samplers and embroider at least 4 designs. I'll teach you how to make knots and avoid them if you want to. How to transfer any design on fabric and how to choose how many strands to use. We'll embroider few designs together and I also prepared 20 more design for you to improvise. Your own choice of colors, stitches, texture and techniques!
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Learn hand embroidery

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    You can download shopping list, samplers, 23 designs for practice and big pdf book with 40 stitches shown on diagrams

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    I'm always around to answer your questions during the course

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Course introduction


  • Kseniia Guseva

    Senior and only instructor

    Kseniia Guseva

    Let's get to know each other. My name is Kseniia. I'm the person behind faimyxstitch.com and @faimyxstitch instagram account. I love the idea, that I can create something from scratch and teach how to make it. I embroider every day since 2016 and have a lot of stitches, techniques and tips to share. No matter where I live I can communicate with people all over the world and help them to learn embroidery. Some of my embroideries:

About this course

Teaching an adult to embroider is easier than teaching a child to embroider, as long as they are willing to learn. 

One of the myths associated with creativity and stopping many from learning is the need to have talent. You do not need talent to learn new skills. Embroidery is a skill. Just like being able to tie your shoelaces or read. And I can teach you that.

As part of your self-study, you will polish up all the stitches, memorising them to automatism. So that you can embroider without thinking about the technique, and paying attention to the subject, colors and other more interesting and creative parts of the process.

My course consists of three parts and an introduction

In the introduction, we will learn basic skills in working with thread and needle, choose the right supplies, learn how to transfer the pattern to the fabric and place the fabric in the hoop.

In the second part we will learn 40 stitches and understand that each stitch can be embroidered differently. In addition to the course, I have prepared improvisation exercises so that you can practice your choice of stitches.

In the third part of the course, we will create an embroidery using all the stitches we have learned.

In the concluding fourth part - improvisation. We will embroider the same design twice. Each time choosing different stitches. I have prepared a total of 23 designs, 3 of which we will make together. And you get 20 designs for self-study.

I also prepared some theoretical lessons: color theory, how many threads to use and additional materials about embroidery on clothes or creation of brooches and patches

You can read more about parts of the course in the curriculum below

Course curriculum

The course consists of introduction and 3 parts:

  • 1
    Introduction and basics
    • Introduction
    • Supplies for the course
    • Supplies and color palette
    • Warp and weft
    • How to use embroidery hoop
    • How to separate thread
    • How to thread a needle
    • How to start and end stitches
    • Images for transfer
    • How to transfer design on fabric
    • How to correct and erase stitches
  • 2
    • 1. Straight stitch
    • Transfer images for sampler
    • 2. Backstitch
    • 3. Whipped backstitch
    • 4. Running stitch
    • 5. Laced running stitch
    • 6. Double running stitch
    • 7. Fly stitch
    • 8. Chevron stitch
    • 9. Double chevron stitch
    • 10. Scroll stitch
    • 11. Satin stitch
    • 12. Blanket stitch
    • 13. Basket stitch
    • 14. Stem stitch
    • 15. Feather stitch
    • 16. Sheaf stitch
    • 17. Split stitch
    • 18. Cross stitch
    • 19. Herringbone stitch
    • 20. Сloud filling stitch
    • 21. Сhain stitch
    • 22. Seed stitch
    • 23. Padded satin stitch
    • 24. Couching stitch
    • 25. Fern stitch
    • 26. Picot stitch
    • 27. Lazy daisy stitch
    • 28. Pekinese stitch
    • 29. Long and short stitch
    • 30. Coral stitch
    • 31. Bullion knot stitch
    • 32. French knot stitch
    • 33. Colonial knot stitch
    • 34. Woven wheel stitch
    • 35. Pistil stitch
    • 36. Whipped spider web stitch
    • 37. Fishbone stitch
    • 38. Whip stitch
    • 39. Star stitch
    • 40. Upright cross stitch
    • Guess the stitch
  • 3
    • City sampler. Part 1
    • Color table and transfer
    • City sampler. Part 2
    • City sampler. Part 3
    • City sampler. Part 4
    • City sampler. Part 5
    • City sampler. Part 6
    • City sampler. Part 7
    • City sampler. Part 8
    • How to back an embroidery hoop
    • 40 stitches sampler in diagrams
  • 4
    Practice and improvisation
    • What is this part about?
    • 23 designs for practice and improvisation
    • Floral embroidery. Part 1
    • Floral embroidery. Part 2
    • How to choose colors
    • Color theory quiz
    • Sweater embroidery. Part 1
    • Sweater embroidery. Part 2
    • How many strands to use?
    • Carpet embroidery. Part 1
    • Carpet embroidery. Part 2
    • More possibilities with embroidery
    • Thank you!
Watch Intro Video

Straight stitch

Supplies for the course

Give embroidery a try!

Learn new skills and get new useful hobby. Just imagine what you can embroider on your t-shirts, jeans or jacket

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  • I have never embroidered before - is your course advanced?

    This course is perfect for beginners. It'll guide you through the whole process, you don't need any embroidery experience to enrol

  • Is it hard to embroider?

    One of my goals is to show that you only need desire and patience to embroider.

  • Are the supplies expensive?

    I designed course so you won't need to buy a lot of thread. You can use one-two colors for the whole course. Old linens are great as a fabric for embroidery. You already have scissors at home. You only need hoop, needle and some thread

  • What will I know after the course?

    How to place fabric in a hoop, separate strands, thread a needle, start and finish stitches, transfer design, 40 hand embroidery stitches (stitches described in curriculum). You'll learn what stitches to use, how many strands. I want your creativity to flow, that's why I prepared 20 designs for you to improvise